Certified Specialist - Pentaho Data Integration

Recommended learning for those who:
  • wish to combine existing experience using Pentaho along with training content to support the achievement of Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist - Pentaho Data Integration Implementation.
  • Note that students do not need to complete any of these courses to gain the certification. They are merely recommendations for those who do not have the necessary experience working with Pentaho Data Integration.

image/svg+xml Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist PentahoData Integration Implementation Pentaho DataIntegrationFundamentalsPentahoData IntegrationAdvancedPentaho DataIntegration withHadoopPentahoInstallationPentahoAdministrationProctored Exam Live Instructor-Led Self-Paced OR Supporting Courses Self-paced = free. Live Instructor-Led = 1 credit or $675 per student per day. Most of the content in PDI2000L is covered in self-paced training. PDI1000L 3 days PDI1000S 16 hrs Streaming Data 2 hrs Machine Learning 4 hrs Metadata Injection 1 hr PDI2000L 2 days Clickstream Example 15 mins Ask An Instructor Pentaho Windows 1 hr Linux 1.5 hrs PXX2007S 2 hrs HCE5920
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