Machine Learning with Pentaho - Credit Card Fraud (PDI2025S)


(4 hrs) Self-paced, interactive online training.


In this eLearning module, instructor James O'Reilly outlines the Pentaho 4 step framework for Machine Learning (often referred to as Machine Learning Orchestration), which is a subset of the CRISP-DM framework. The course covers data prep, autoML (to choose the right algorithm), and deployment of a randomForest model for detecting fraudulent credit card activity.

Learners have the option of installing software on their own laptop and following along to gain hands-on practice. However, hands-on practice is not a requirement for completing this course.



Students should understand the fundamentals of Pentaho Data Integration, including the topics covered in the course Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals (PDI1000S or PDI1000L).


4 hours


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