Metadata Injection with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI1027S)


(1 hr) Self-paced, online training.


In this self-paced course, instructor Bruce Berry outlines how to use Metadata Injection to onboard data with Pentaho Data Integration. The course covers a scenario with multiple order files from various countries being loaded into a centralized database table. Each country's file presents the data in a slightly different way, which complicates the onboarding process. Metadata Injection greatly simplifies the process.

Learners have the option of downloading the files used in the course demonstrations to follow along on their own instance of Pentaho Data Integration; however, it is not a requirement for completing this course.



Students should understand the fundamentals of Pentaho Data Integration, including the topics covered in the course Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals (PDI1000S or PDI1000L).


This course includes:

  • What is Metadata Injection (MDI)?
  • Onboarding multiple files with MDI
  • Push / Pull MDI
  • 2-Phase MDI
  • Documentation Resources


1 hour


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