Pentaho Administration (PXX2007S)


(2 hrs) Self-paced, interactive online course with resources to official documentation on topics


This self-paced course helps learners learn about the Pentaho platform, its architecture, and how to carry out common administration tasks.

Students will benefit from demonstration videos and course resources that point to official documentation on the topics covered.


This course includes:

  • Pentaho Platform Overview
  • Changing the Pentaho Server (Tomcat) Port Number
  • Increase Pentaho Memory Limits to Prevent OutOfMemory Exceptions
  • Free Up Production Environment Resources by Removing Sample Data
  • Prevent Banner Grabbing Attacks on Your Pentaho Server
  • Prevent Session and Cookie Stealing on Your Pentaho Server
  • Thwart Unwanted Pentaho Server Telnet Shutdowns
  • How to Disable Pentaho User Console Home Perspective Widgets
  • Disabling 'login as an evaluator' in the Pentaho User Console
  • Managing Pentaho Repository Users and Roles
  • Importing and Exporting from the DI Repository
  • Purging DI Repository Objects
  • Versioning DI Repository Objects
  • Get Professional Services with the Advanced Services Group


2 hours


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