Technical Overview and Demonstration of Lumada Edge Intelligence (LEI2001S)


(2 hrs) Self-paced, interactive online training.


This course provides a technical overview of Lumada Edge Intelligence (LEI). The course introduces key concepts and capabilities of LEI through a series of lessons and demonstrations. The content can be watched from start to finish, or if you prefer you can simply navigate to the sections you wish to view.

If you are new to Lumada Edge Intelligence, we suggest starting with the Introduction to Lumada Edge Intelligence lesson.

The course consists of a series of videos based on the recording of an instructor-led session held in June 2020. The participants in that session completed the hands-on activities using hosted virtual machines. If you wish to complete the hands-on activities, you will have to provide your own environment with the installation prerequisites completed and the Lumada Edge Intelligence software downloaded and ready to be installed.

A downloadable lab guide and instructions for accessing the software are provided in the last component in this course. Note that we are unable to provide a self-service Lab Environment for this course.



No prior experience is necessary.


This course includes:

  • Why Edge Intelligence?
  • Introduction to Lumada Edge Intelligence
  • Installation
  • Manage Assets and Devices
  • Data Routes
  • Viewing Data
  • Alerts
  • Container Software Configurations
  • Manage Users
  • Lumada Edge Connect
  • Documentation Resources
  • Download the Lab Guide


2 hours


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