Creating and Configuring Users and Roles (LDC2002S)


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(42 mins) eLearning module.


Are you interested in learning about how to create and configure roles and users in Lumada Data Catalog? In this eLearning module, instructor Joshua Morrison explains LDC's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Then, how to configure role privileges, metadata access, and data access properties, and creating users. After all that, Joshua walks you through the RBAC system with a scenario-based demonstration.

Note: This training is demonstration only. If you would like hands-on experience with this feature in a lab environment of your own, enroll in the LDC2001S - Technical Overview and Demonstration of Lumada Data Catalog course. It covers this LDC topic and many more. It comes with a lab environment and a lab guide for you to follow too.

LDC version covered: 6.0.1