LDC Evaluation: Getting Started (LDC1005S)


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(90 mins) Self-paced, interactive online training with virtual lab environment for hands-on practice.


Get started with Lumada Data Catalog (LDC) !

Read and watch the demonstrations in this course to learn about the importance of data catalogs and LDC. Gain hands-on experience in a virtual lab environment by carrying out a scenario for finding data at your organization. A lab guide that includes step-by-step instructions is include too! Read the details below carefully to learn about accessing the lab and lab guide.

You will need Hitachi Vantara SSO login credentials to enroll in this course. If you don't have this setup, you can create an account here.

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After you have enrolled, follow the steps below to access the training content, lab guide, and lab.

The training content, lab guide, and lab environment are accessed via three browser tabs.

  • To open the content, click the Launch button. (opens in new browser tab)
  • To access the lab guide, from your original browser tab, click "Resources" and then "Lab Guide for LDC1005S".
  • To access the lab, from your original browser tab, click "Resources" and then "Resume Lab Environment".

Note: The lab can be used for a total of 8 hours and is accessible for 7 days from enrollment in this training.