Pentaho Dashboard Designer (PBA1006S)


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(2 hrs) Self-paced, interactive online training with a simulated practice environment (Part of PBA1000S).


This self-paced eLearning module will help students create and refine dashboards using Pentaho Dashboard Designer.



No previous experience of Pentaho solutions is required. 


This training includes:

  • Creating dashboards with Dashboard Designer
    • Introducing Dashboard Designer
    • Selecting  Dashboard Layout and Theme
    • Adding an Analyzer view to the dashboard
    • Add an Interactive Report to the dashboard
    • Adding a Report Designer report to the dashboard
    • Implementing Dashboard prompts
    • Saving the Dashboard

  • Creating content within a dashboard
    • Adding Data Tables and Charts
    • Adding a Data Table
    • Adding a chart
  • Creating a dashboard with content linking
    • Introduction to Content Linking
    • Demonstration of sample dashboard with Content Linking
    • Creating a new Dashboard
    • Adding Content Linking
    • Adding a Pie Chart
    • Adding a Bar Chart