Using Pentaho Metadata Editor (PDM2003S)


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(2 hrs) Self-paced, interactive online training with a simulated practice environment (Part of PDM2000S).


This self-paced eLearning module explains some metadata concepts then goes on to introduce Pentaho Metadata Editor and how it is used to build metadata domains and relational data models.



Some basic knowledge of database design and dimensional modeling is desirable as well as knowledge of Pentaho Interactive Reports and Pentaho Analyzer. These are covered within the course “Pentaho Business Analytics” (PBA1000S self-paced, or PBA1000L instructor-led), or individually in “Pentaho Interactive Reports” (PBA1004S) and “Pentaho Analyzer” (PBA1005S).


This training includes:

  • Metadata editor overview
  • Connecting to the data source
  • Creating the physical layer
  • Adding a new business model
  • Adding tables to the abstract business layer
  • Adding relationships to the abstract business layer
  • Editing the business table columns
  • Adding formulas
  • Adding a category to the business view
  • Adding a columns to the business view
  • Creating metadata concepts
  • Applying metadata concepts
  • Using the Query Editor
  • Publishing the Metadata Domain
  • Using the matadata in Interactive Reports